About me

Hi! I’m Jaime, and I am a theoretical physicst. I am doing my PhD at the Strong group in the Niels Bohr Institute, under the supervision of Prof. Vitor Cardoso. I want to understand better how matter and the spacetime itself behaves in the regimes where gravity is extremely intense: I use analytical and computational methods to study non-linear aspects of black hole and gravitational waves. You can read more about my research on the Research page.

Before moving to Denmark, I have lived in many places. I grew up in Leganes, a town in the outskirts of Madrid, ‘‘famous’’ for its roundabouts. My family comes from Monreal del Campo: a small village in Teruel, where my grandparents used to grow saffron. I completed my undergrad at Complutense University in Madrid, after spending one year at the University of Manchester. In 2021 I moved to Canada to get my master’s degree at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

When I am not doing physics, you can find me on a swimming pool or at a climbing gym. If you want to get to know me a bit better, click here.